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Home Electrical Rewiring Services

Protect yourself and your home from an outdated electrical system with professional home electrical rewiring from our experts. Having safe, reliable electrical systems in your house is necessary for your peace of mind. When you are ready to upgrade your current home wiring, or rewire systems for a remodeling project or to ensure safe electrical performance, our team is ready to help! Here at Ayce Electric, Inc., we have years of experience in rewiring dangerous, faulty wiring and upgrading homes as your needs expand.

Rewiring your home can be a major and costly project, but it’s always worth it in the end. New wiring improves safety and ensures compliance with electrical codes, which is important.  A whole house rewiring project enables your home to accommodate a greater number of appliances, both new and existing. By setting up separate circuits for individual high-powered appliances, you’ll experience better electrical performance, a lower chance of overloads, and added functionality all around your home. From beginning to end, our main goal is to make you happy throughout the entire process. We’re all about saving you money by getting things right from the start, and we genuinely care about making sure you’re satisfied.

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