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Electricity plays a big role in our daily lives, making our homes run smoothly. But thunderstorms can be a real threat, causing damage to our home’s electrical system. Even without hitting our homes directly, they can overload our circuits with harmful surges. This can wreck our electronics, appliances, and digital devices.

To shield your valuable possessions, consider installing a surge protector in your home. When installed properly, these protectors can easily prevent this kind of damage. Our team of expert electricians at AYCE Electric Inc has extensive experience. We know the ins and outs of installation and offer top-notch surge protectors to keep your home safe.

You can trust AYCE Electric Inc surge protectors to guard against:

  • Lightning: It often leads to electrical overload and significant damage.
  • Utility Issues: Even during good weather, problems with your local power supply can send excessive electricity to your home, harming sensitive electronics like computers, TVs, and appliances.
  • Home Appliances: Occasionally, your own household appliances can malfunction and send power surges back into the system, causing damage.

As your trusted Los Angeles electrician, AYCE Electric Inc is here to assist with all your home electrical needs, including keeping your home safe from electrical surges! 

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